Portrait Sessions and Process Details

Scheduleing a Session

Simply Call or email/message through website or on our Facebook page to schedule your appoinment. I will be happy to discuss with you the perfect location, clothing and prop ideas and what you are looking to get out of your session. 

Contact # 757-374-1323   emal: meghmrr@yahoo.com use Subject line: Booking a Portrait Session


Signature Session:  (popular session)

Signature Sessions can be held in your home or outdoor location. They are very easy going, usually lasting 30 minutes to an hour long. Perfect for those perfect family portraits especially if you have little ones. You get the Professional Quality of Portraits in a timely manner.  The Signature Session also comes with All Edited Digital Files. The Digital Files include Retouching and Color Correcttion and you are able to make your own unlimited prints from them for your personal use.  Digital Files are sent to Clients Email through Dropbox account.  Total cost coveriing your sitting, edits and digital files $250.00 with the additional booking fee. 

booking fee:

Due to the Popular Demand of Sessions and my Creative Time,  the ONLY Payment due when booking your Session will be a $25.00 required Booking Fee. Once we agree on a set date and time for your session, you will be sent an Invoice for the Booking fee through PayPal. This must be completed within 24hours to keep your appointment LOCKED in on my Calendar.  The Booking Fee is non-refundable and cannot be applied to other sessions.  It is Seperate from your total Portrait Package of choice.  If for some reason the weather the day of our session does not cooraperate, no worries we will reschedule and this booking fee will apply to the new session date.   If client cancels or no shows to our set session date the booking fee is non refundable and cannot be applied to a reschedule date. 

After the Session:

After your Session, Edits can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days to complete. With clients permisssion a sneak peek will be posted to my Social Media accounts (MLM PHOTOGRAPHY Facebook and Instagram) Please feel free to Tag, comment, LOVE, and Share.   I will then Send you ALL your images through an image sharing account. (Dropbox) for Digital Downloading and safe keeping. All your images will come with print release.    

Client Questions Answered

Can you recommend a location for my session?

Absolutely!!!!! I have scouted out several Selections of Beautiful Locations which i will be more than happy to discuss with you.  Whether it be a Rustic look, Urban, Simple, near water. ..... I also LOVE photographing in New locations as well. So if you have a location in mind, Lets do it!!!! 

What should we wear?

Selecting clothing can be easier than one would think.... especially with the right guidance.  Hint.. "Stay away form having everyone wear the EXACT SAME COLOR AND THE EXACT SAME OUTFITS". LOL!  That is the portrait style of our Past!  I am always available to send you ideas on colors and attire. Alot of my clients like to send me snaps of their possible attire selections and i then help them narrow the selection down. 

Do you offer prints and or product as part of the Session Fee?

.  I do offer professional Printing. If you prefer High Quality Prints and lasting Product. Please feel free to inquire about the product options and pricing. Prints and Product are avaialble but are seperate. 

Can i purchase a CD of the images from my session?

YES!!!! I do offer a popular Custom Designed Disc of all the Images as well. The CD/Disc will have a Custom Designed cover made with images from your session (clients Eww, and AHHH everytime,  over how NICE this product turns out). The digital files on the disc come in high resolution form and all images include retouching and color correction. You may make unlimited amount of prints for your personal use. As it comes with a print release from.

This item is a Wonderful Keepsake, and a great conversation piece to be displayed as well.  Feel free to ask about any monthly CD/Disc discount codes i am offering.


Product Pricing?

Product pricing starts as low as $10.00 per sheet.  Please send an email or message to inquire on pricing for specific items. :)

Can i scan my prints?

All images are copyrighted by the Photographer, Meghan Small or Associate Photographers of MLM  PHOTOGRAPHY. It is Illegal and unlawful to Scan, Download, Copy, Print, Publish to the Internet or make Alterations to any of the Images photographed by this Company in any manner or medium without written permission. 

When will i recieve my Prints?

Please give it anywhere from 2-6 weeks for your order to arrive. (timeframe of order processing will depend on capacity and product ordered) Arrange pick up can be made or Shipping. Pleae keep in mind MLM PHOTOGRAPHY is not responsible for any damaged prints and or product when you choose to have your order Shipped to you.  I prefer Pick up Delivery if you can. 


Single Family Sessions 

Perfect for Parents and Children or Siblings. 

Beach Sessions

Beach Sessions Start at 375. This is for Single Family only. Location and pricing can vary. Please inquire for additional info.

Birthday Sesssinos

From ages ONE to 99! Every Year is worth Celebrating!  

Multi Family Sessions

Large Group with multiple sets of Families. We Focus on the Large Family Group as a whole and then individual family portraits as well. Please inquire for pricing. 






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